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How to Set any song as ringtone on iPhone

What's up, guys? My name's Brendan, and today I'll be showing you how to set any song as your ringtone or text tone on iPhone completely free and without the need of a computer or a jailbreak. Now, I did make a similar video last year about how to do this on iPhone , but this video is going to be specific for us. Thirteens, if you are still on a iPhone or lower. Go and check that video out, because that one, it's going to work better for you.

It's up in the cards right now and also down in the description below. But thanks to iPhone and the awesome additions to the safari application, our Web browser. This is going to be much easier now. And iOS 13 than it was in iOS twelve. So let's not waste any time. Let's jump straight into it. So like I mentioned, unlike with iOS 12, we don't need a Web browser application like a Loha browser like we did in iOS 12.

Because now and iOS 13 with Safari. We have a download manager built in to stock iOS . So iOS 13. Has it download manager. So we don't need a separate application for that. So the only thing we'll need to download now is going to be garage band. So if you don't have garage band downloaded, go into the App Store and download garage band. It should be a free download. If it's not or if it's great out or anything like that.

Check the link down in the description below. It should help you get that for free. So as Garage Band is downloading, you need to determine what song you want to use for your ringtone or your message ringtone. Now you can use any song in your Apple Music library. So if you do have a lot of music here and your Apple Music Library, you can use any song in there, or you can also download songs online, which is going to be the differentiating factor between this iOS 13 tutorial and the iOS twelve tutorial.

So if you do have the song that you want to use in your Apple Music Library already, this process will be super, super simple. But if you want to download a song that you don't have in your library, it will also be simple. But there is just an additional step needed and that's going to be going into safari. So you just want to go to Google and then type in whatever song you want.

I just put NCS, which has no copyright sounds just because I don't want to get any kind of copyright issues with this. But you guys get the gist of what you can do here. Just put in the song followed by MP three. I'm not going to show that, but it will take you to a trusted Web site. Hopefully I'll click on one of the trusted Web sites and see what is going to click on this. And you can see here I have a bunch of mp3 that I can choose from on this Web site right here.

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